Media Report to Women

Media Report to Women stands alone in providing information on all types of media — television, cable, film, radio, newspapers, magazines, newsletters, the Internet and other emerging media — and the way in which they depict women and issues of interest to women. Founded in 1972, Media Report to Women pioneered discussion of the ways in which advertising, print and TV journalism, and entertainment programming depict the lives of women. We also report on how audiences respond to those images, and what effects these images have on women and girls, men and boys.

We expanded our coverage, taking the newsletter from 12 to 24 pages to provide as much information as possible on women and media. We now publish full-length research papers in every issue.

Much important work remains to be done to improve images of women and girls in all media: newspapers, magazines, television news and programming, feature films, the Internet, social media, and in advertising that saturates all these media. Women and girls are underrepresented overall, and when they are depicted, frequently they are shown as victims or in outdated, stereotypical roles.

Media Report to Women is published quarterly.