Current Issue Summary

Vol. 52, No. 1 Winter 2024

Thumbnail summaries of this issue’s major articles:

Commentary: Taylor, Beyoncé and Journalism: Follow the Market

MRTW Editor Sheila Gibbons looks at what the creation of newspaper beats dedicated exclusively to reporting on these two musical and cultural icons looks like and what it tells us about legacy media efforts to expand ways to attract new audiences and revenue.

Pew Finds Interest in News Sluggish Across Most Platforms

A declining share of U.S. adults are following the news closely, according to recent Pew Research Center surveys. And audiences are shrinking for several older types of news media – such as local TV stations, most newspapers and public radio – even as they grow for newer platforms like podcasts, as well as for a few specific media brands. It is discouraging news for journalists and those in fields that support newsgathering, production and audience reach. The methodology Pew used to assess this news media usage is here:

Research in Depth: The Role of the Anti-Heroine on Fact-Based Television by Molly Brost

Research in Depth: Winning Women’s Hearts and Minds – Selling Cold War Culture and Consumerism by Diana Cucuz

Research Brief: From Mystique to #MeToo: Sexual Violence in Women’s Magazine Fiction by Bailey Dick

Plus News Briefs and Book Reviews!